Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill Over 100 Enemy Fighters

(AFPS) Afghan and coalition forces killed more than 100 enemy fighters during combat operations in Afghanistan’s Helmand province over the last three days, military officials reported.

Afghan and coalition forces were conducting security patrols related to an ongoing operation in the province when they were attacked multiple times by insurgents using small-arms, rocket-propelled grenade and mortar fire, sparking numerous engagements, officials said.

The patrols returned fire and called in close-air support.

Elsewhere, two militants were detained and one was killed during a coalition forces operation to disrupt militant activities in Paktika province yesterday.

Coalition forces searched compounds in Gayan district, targeting an individual affiliated with anti-coalition militant leaders facilitating the movement of foreign fighters from Pakistan into Afghanistan. A militant was killed by small-arms fire when he attacked the coalition forces as they searched the compounds.