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Palestinian Self-Governance Fuels Terrorism
Due diligence of PLO’s history determines that THE MORE SOLID PLO SELF-GOVERNANCE, THE HIGHER THE PROFILE OF PLO-ROLE-MODELED INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM. A mini Palestinian terrorist base in Gaza ignited the 1956 Egypt-Israel War. PLO AUTONOMY in Jordan dramatically escalated international terrorism and fueled the 1970 Syrian invasion of Jordan. PLO re-entrenching SELF-RULE in Lebanon provided international terrorism with its largest base ever, plundering Lebanon, dragging Syria and Israel into a mini-war and Syrian occupation. PLO SELF-GOVERNANCE in Tunisia, financed generously by PLO-controlled Palestinian ENCLAVE IN KUWAIT, bolstered terrorism and provided Saddam with vital intelligence spearheading the invasion of Kuwait. The establishment of a PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY in Gaza, Judea and Samaria – in accordance with the Oslo Accord – has escalated Palestinian terrorism to an unprecedented level (1,200 Israelis murdered since Oslo 1993, which is proportionally equal to 60,000 AMERICANS!).

‘Eagle Eyes’
In a world where Islamic extremists are involved in elaborate plans to force earth’s civilization into their vision of Islamic domination through terror attacks, people are being taught to pay attention to their surroundings, to be observant, and if suspicious activities are seen, report it to law enforcement officials. As we have seen since 9-11, what one man or woman reports can save many lives. People have also found that things out of place can be reason for concern.

Saddam’s Extravagant Lifestyle – To See it with Your Own Eyes
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Seeing television, newspaper and magazine images of Saddam’s palaces is one thing. Seeing them in real life is something else.
      You can’t get a feel for the scale of these edifices any other way.
      The Abu Gharib palace, where the Coalition Land Forces Command is located, is called the Water Palace in some circles. Saddam built this massive pleasure dome in the midst of a lake. Just the foyer of the building would easily "house" my house, with room to spare. Whole mountains somewhere are probably at sea level because of the amount of marble in this one structure.

Amazing Miracles During Time of War – a Message for the Troops in the Middle East
As America continues its war against terrorism and begins to engage in the war with Iraq, it is fitting to relate several astonishing miracles that have occurred in previous wars that Israel has fought. Many of the incidents are equal to the miracles we read about in the Bible. These are stories that have been related to me while visiting Israel or speaking directly with individuals that had direct knowledge of the incidents.

Detecting Possible Terrorist and Terrorist attacks
Recently I was speaking with a friend, which is quite knowledgeable in the area involving special intelligence within Israel and the United States. The person shared with me an interesting e-mail they had received from a friend who works for a major airline in North America. According to this friend, for about ten days (the last week in February, an unusually large number of Americans from Middle Eastern backgrounds had been departing the United States on international flights. She observed they were checking in with large boxes of clothes, as though they planned to be gone for a while. It was the large numbers during the week that caught her attention.

U.S. Anti-War Protests Signal Communications Disconnect on Iraqi Threat
Since September 11th, good and reliable communications between leaders and their people have been vital to the health, security and survival of a nation’s people. With U.S. troops placed around the world and their loving families and friends anxious to see them all return home safely, caring communications are needed from their fellow Americans as well as our leaders.

US and Israel Partners in Grief
PARTNERSHIP IN GRIEF AND FATE has been added to Shared Values, Mutual Threats and Joint Interests, binding together the leader of the Free World, the United States and its sole soul ally in the Mideast, Israel. As President George W. Bush said to Prime Minister Sharon, a few hours ago: "It is at moments such as these, that the hearts of the American and Israeli peoples beat as one."

The Limits to US Pressure on Israel
*Has the Department of State reflected the position of the US President, Congress and public toward Israel? *Has the Administration expressed – in an exclusive or a dominant manner – the US position on Israel? *Has Israel’s defiance of Administration’s pressure undermined US-Israel relations, and have the bilateral relations been advanced by Israel’s succumbing to pressure?

The Iraq Die Was Cast
THE DIE WAS CAST, AND THE U.S. WAR ON SADDAM’S REGIME HAS BEEN SET IN MOTION. The transfer of the Central Command from Florida to the Gulf area, the completion of US military installations in Qatar and Northern Iraq (no-fly zone) suggest determination rather than indecisiveness. The lease, by the Pentagon, of Danish boats, specializing in the transport of tanks and armed personnel carriers indicates an intent to employ ground forces, rather than just air force and navy bombings. Accompanied by joint exercises between the US Marines and the Jordanian military not far from the Iraqi border, such developments send a lucid signal of purpose to destroy the Saddam regime.

Israelis and Mideast Terror
Israelis may very well be the most assailable people in the world, as terrorist masterminds make inroads in their ages long determination to destabilize and conquer step-by-step, what we know and enjoy as the free world. After the 9-ll attacks on United States soil, which killed thousands of people both Americans and citizens from around the world, much has come to light about the depth and global reach of terrorist groups’ plans to destroy and conquer. In retrospect, September 11th appeared to be another beautiful but busy work day, but that day became the day we began to learn of a dark and evil reality that existed in the midst of our free world…
     Just as unlikely as a terrorist attack would seem before 9-ll, it seems that the same type of smoke screen is clouding judgments for many, as they hear rationalizations of the terrorists attacks against the tiny Jewish state of Israel…

Arafat’s "Good Career Move"
Daniel Pipes reveals the explosive truth behind Yasser Arafat’s background: an Egyptian that followed two others of non-Palestinian decent this past century in gaining international fame through staking land claims and generating hateful-victimization propaganda against the State of Israel. Daniel starts by exposing one of the first impostors: Edward Said, who was actually living in luxury in Cairo as he claimed Palestinian victim status at the hands of Israelis. The story continues as Daniel tells of how Yasser Arafat fought against Israel with an Egyptian group in 1948 and how Arafat’s actual birthplace in Cairo, Egypt was discovered…

Enron: Loyalty to No One
Much has been said about the fall of Enron and fingers have been pointing everywhere. From employees to stockholders everyone is asking, "what went wrong". Like the inflated dreams of the "Dot-Com Boom", so fizzles the not so mighty Enron. The President has ordered an investigation of the company on behalf of its employees, spokesman Ari Fleischer said, "to do what is right.. to get to the bottom of all of the allegations of criminal wrongdoing by Enron." With so many politicians from both political parties being the recipients of Enron’s political donations in both hard and soft money, objective justice may not be easy… (Story)

The Boys of Iwo Jima
I greatly enjoy visiting our nation’s capitol, and each year I take some special memories back with me.This fall’s trip was especially memorable. On the last night of our trip, we stopped at the Iwo Jima memorial. I noticed a solitary figure at the base of the statue. He was there that night to say goodnight to his dad, who has since passed away. -By Michael T. Powers

Could Osama Bin Laden be a 21st Century Hitler?
When comparing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chilling words last week with remarks from terrorists from the 1993 bombing of the WTC, it seems as if Bin Laden’s ideals aren’t too far apart from Adolf Hitler’s.

The Greater the Evil, The More It Disarms
A few men with knives. why didn’t the passengers, numbering in the dozens, just overpower them? Of the four hijacked planes, only one failed to reach its terror destination…