America Prays and Mourns Together

Day 6 (September 16th, 2001)

Coast to coast the nation has come together in heart filled strength to honor the lives of our the heroes. At a monumental Catholic mass on Fifth Ave. scores of people came together to pray at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. From Rudy Giuliani and Governor Pataki to Congressman Joseph Lieberman, Kofi Annan and 250 U.N. delegates a clear massage of unity was sent to those who would try to destroy the U.S. Cardinal Egan honored firefighters and police men calling them "the best, the bravest, the finest."

After delivering a message of faith and hope, he went outside to share the same Blessings that were given inside. The President declared Friday to be a National day of prayer and this Sunday too became an event for prayer vigils. Across the U.S. churches were packed this week for daily worship services. From coast to coast there have been spontaneous vigils of people sharing their grief and prayers in a common bond.

And in California today, the Mayor of Los Angeles, James Hahn, held a candle lit vigil. After giving out as many flags to those attending as possible due to the flag shortage, organizers of the event handed each person a single red rose to continue the significance of prayer and mourning for those who died. Rabbi Zeldin, born in New York City, told a story at the vigil out of the book of Exodus and said that ‘with God’s help we will destroy the evil.’