A Day of Prayer and Rememberance

Day 4 (September 14th, 2001)

The President declared this day to be a National day of prayer. The President met with his Cabinet early this morning at the White House then proceeded to the Washington National Cathedral. Those in mourning filled the prayer service, as Rev. Billy Graham, and a Rabbi shared in honoring the victims and their families.

In the proclamation sent yesterday, he told the people of the nation that they should take this day for praying and for remembering the victims of the attack. Towards the end of the service the President spoke of how God is with our country through this tragedy even though some may have been doubting. He went on to say that we are united and that God will make us strong.

Photo by Win McNamee / REUTERS

Bush, Pataki, and Giuliani are in Manhattan now to survey the disaster site while fighter jets fly over New York skies.





Home Depot and Pfizer to Make an Impact on Wall Street
Pfizer Has $4 Billion Ready for Stock Repurchases on Monday

In ongoing rescue efforts Home Depot is working with FEMA in providing supplies directly to workers including full use of all Home Depot trucks. To support the logistics of the rescue effort, Home Depot has all of their merchants and suppliers centralized on-line to supply such items as lumber, hard hats, shoes, respirators, and gloves. They are working around the clock to marshall goods to be available as needed.

CEO Robert Nardelli told Neil Cavuto (FOX News) , "I wanted to express, on behalf of 250,000 associates, our profound sympathy to all of the families and loved ones of the victims… We have a command center fully engaged here today since the incident took place… We will donate a million dollars to the United Way fund to help the families… We have already shipped in over millions dollars in goods and services…"

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In another example of American corporate support Pfizer drug company CEO Hank McKinnell said "we lost two employees, one on United flight 93 and another who was spending the day at the World Trade Center on the 105th floor. These attacks on New York and Washington were attacks on all of us.

We have seen extraordinary heroism by the police, by the fire department, by the rescue workers; now it’s our turn –to help in the relief to help in keeping our company strong and keeping America strong. Let there be no mistake; we’ll be there… This is not the time to bet against America… The Pfizer board of directors authorized share repurchases totaling $5 billion in June. We have about $4 billion of that authorization left. We’ll be there on Monday, we’ll be buying."

The commitment to to support the American economy is inherit in the financial community. Nardelli echoed financial support with these words "We are squarely behind the President, we are squarely behind this economy. And we will persevere."