Americans Step Up to the Plate to Help

Day 3 (September 13, 2001)

President Bush visiting victims from the Pentagon attack at a hospital in Washington D.C.
Tears of grief and anger continue to flow over each lost life, as we face the foul evil of terrorist attacks that stole the lives of innocent men, women and children on our own sovereign soil.

Each hour the country holds onto a glimmer of hope for word of more survivors as rescue teams work tirelessly through the terrorists torn remains of the twin towers. One worker said that at times he doesn’t know where he gets his strength, "maybe it’s God Almighty". Miracles are happening though, 5 of the missing firefighters thought to be dead, were rescued from a buried SUV and two were able to walk.

Now information is released that reveals more details of the terrorists insidious plans to seek and destroy in our country. Reportedly the Secret Service exercised countermeasures to save the President’s life on Tuesday.

Minutes after the missile type attacks on the WTC towers a terrorist called saying "Air Force One is next" the threatening call revealed the extreme danger the President was in since the terrorist knew the location of Air Force One and used secret code words and procedures that are not known to others.

Mayor Giuliani and teams of law enforcement continue to thwart more terrorist threats to the already wounded city, as more suspected terrorists try to strike again.

Officials state that 4 men dressed as airline crew were arrested at JFK Airport. They carried fake I.D.s, flying licenses, and had knives in their possession. At LaGuardia 5 other men were taken into custody with the same M.O. Authorities are now saying that up to 100 people here in the U.S. are involved in terrorist missions. The numbers seem to be growing. As the enemy lurks within our boarders, many fear that it is not over.

The government believes we are up against a global terrorist network with "planning cells" across the U.S. One terrorist expert says what makes it so difficult to root out these cells is the fact that they appear to be "normal law biding citizens until the jihad is called". Two of the terrorists from Tuesday’s attack had been learning how to fly in Miami Florida. It was reported they had paid $1,500 in cash to use a Boeing 727 simulator and were at the controls for about 6 hours. The FBI has also been looking at the fact that Microsoft produces a flight simulator that would have allowed the terrorists to practice the attack on the twin towers at home. Also in Florida, a man tied to the attack is now in FBI custody, Adnan Bukhari who is cooperating at a witness. Interestingly his brother died in an air collision one year ago to the day of the attack while learning how to fly. Abroad another suspect has been detained in Germany at the Hamburg Airport.

As for a response against Osama Bin Laden, who is now known to be a key organizer of these evil attacks, the president had this to say: "…Make no mistake about it, my resolve is steady and strong about winning this war that has been declared on America. It’s a new kind of war. And I understand it’s a new kind of war. And this government will adjust. And this government will call others to join us, to make sure this act, these acts, the people who conducted these acts and those who harbor them are held accountable for their actions. Make no mistake."War seems more and more likely as recent polls show that the country is asking for it. In the Los Angeles Daily News poll conducted on Wednesday, the question was raised: "Should the U.S. blow the terrorists to hell?" 98% of those polled said "Yes". Many letters from civilians to news agencies say that they are either seriously considering enlisting in the military or are going to in the upcoming days. So far, NATO says we have permission to fly though their air space and talks are under way with Pakistan. European loss in this attack is heartrending. It has been stated by the BBC that employees from London-based publishing company Risk Waters have been lost. The company had been holding a 180-delegate conference on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center and there has been no word from any of the attendees. Russia’s state television went off the air for a time to honor Americans and countless similar public demonstrations took place across Europe.

Another fight that is going on is for life at the World Trade Center. Spirits were raised today as rescue crews lifted five Firefighters from the rubble –one seen prominently on camera walking and being embraced by fellow firefighters. More stories came today of heroism and miracles.

Roughly 3,600 employees of Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s 3,700 were saved from the South Tower. Joseph Mcalinden tells the story where during a breakfast meeting a security guard named Roy had urged everyone on his floor to evacuate the building. Even though at that time the situation was seen as "no threat" the security guard went with his gut. Another Morgan Stanley employee on the 71st floor was a hero that morning. He carried a woman in crutches all the way down the stairs to safety.

Corporations small and large are continuing to give in any way they can. Verizon lost technicians working in the towers and has made payphones free in lower Manhattan. AT&T is giving free cell phones to relief organizations and McDonalds has been giving food to workers. Anheiser Busch has been distributing water and when the call was put out tonight that work boots were needed because workers’ boots were being torn to shreds, the Timberland Company came right away with truckloads. People are opening their hearts and resources in all ways. It has been reported that this is the first time blood banks have been completely filled in New York. Another need that that has been answered is office space. Even little companies like have helped; they donated 9,000 square feet of office space in Midtown. And as companies bunk together, determined not to let the terrorists destroy our economy, Dominos Pizza came by to deliver free pizzas and office furniture stores delivered much needed furniture. One man said that they want to send the message that ‘life goes on and that the New York Financial District will rise again.’