America Working: Strategy And Support

Day 12 (September 22nd, 2001)

This weekend continues with prayer vigils and remembrance ceremonies while the President’s new Office of Homeland Security implements its mandate under Gov. Tom Ridge to defend innocent people from future attacks in the U.S. At 3pm Sunday, an event at Yankees Stadium will feature Oprah Winfrey, traditional Judeo-Christian leaders and East Indian religious leaders. Also on Sunday, President Bush will attend a ceremony at Camp David where the American flag will be raised to full staff.

President Bush was hard at work Saturday however, drawing up strategies and signing bills that will lift sanctions off Pakistan and India and that will help keep the airline industry afloat. The Commander in Chief also spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin for an hour over the phone. President Bush said that he appreciated "Russia’s engagement and support." The Prime Minister of Canada will meet with President Bush on Monday, and Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan will be arriving Tuesday.

In his radio address today, the President addressed the shaky economy, encouraging those facing the brunt of the economic turndown. He told the country that we are the best in all regards of technology and production and that will bounce back because we are strong (full radio address) Bush also made a decision today to lift the 1998 sanctions off of Pakistan and India for their assistance in the fight against terrorism. The Senate next week, is expected to pass the Jordan free trade agreement. Turkey has agreed to aid the United States through the use of airspace and airbases in any response to the September 11th attacks.

President Bush additionally signed a law providing $5 billion in direct federal aid and $10 billion in loan guarantees to the airline industry. "Many workers lost their jobs this week…The administration and congressional leaders of both parties have agreed to deliver emergency aid to keep our airlines flying. This will help the airlines maintain short-term stability as they work toward long-term viability for the benefit of all the workers and companies that depend on air travel."

In the terrorists investigations, Time magazine is leading with a report that law enforcement officials have found crop dusting manuals in a suspect’s home. This has caused concern that biological weapons may be a part of the plans for the terrorists. Experts say that the Tetracycline family of antibiotics could protect Americans from many bacterial strains used in biological warfare. Viral weapons are more serious. Such viruses as smallpox, which was eradicated years ago, could be used by terrorists, but studies have shown that we can re-immunize the American population.