Hannah and Chloe, the Jewish Free School, and Yad Sarah’s Special Children Organize Event

(Yad Sarah) Hannah Nathan and Chloe Rich are two very special young ladies. They and their families are close friends of Michael, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Whenever Michael visits Israel, Yad Sarah arranges that all the medical rehab equipment he needs and our transport services are ready and waiting for him. Michael constantly praised Yad Sarah’s services. Further all the moneys he received for his 40th birthday he donated to Yad Sarah to pay for 9 emergency alarm systems that were installed in the homes of elderly people. Instant help at the touch of a bracelet button.

Hannah, year 9, and Chloe, year 8, students of Jewish Free School, Kenton, London, were very impressed with Yad Sarah’s health and welfare support services for handicapped and/or sick Israelis and visitors to Israel. They checked their website and decided to help their cause.

They devised and organized a hugely successful High School Musical party at Barnet and District Synagogue, New Barnet, for some 40 young pupils (ages 7 – 10). Each child performed a song or dance in a talent show and then watched the High School Musical movie. Hannah and Chloe’s mothers organized the food for the event. The girls organized and obtained gifts for a raffle and decorated the Synagogue Hall.

Hannah and Chloe raised a considerable donation for more special games and toys for Yad Sarah’s Play Centre and Toy Library for Children with Special Needs at Yad Sarah House, Jerusalem.

Some 85 JFS pupils, including Hannah, recently visited Yad Sarah House Jerusalem. They saw the Play Centre and other of the organization’s many services in action. They volunteered to clean wheelchairs and were a huge help. A great time was had by all.