Britain Indicts Tel Aviv Bomber’s Family


Scotland Yard arrested 2 men and 2 females in Derbyshire and another woman in nearby Nottinghamshire on Friday. They were charged under the Terrorism Act but did not release their names or any details of their alleged crimes.
3 people were killed and over 50 wounded in a terrorist bombing attack last week at a popular tourist club, Mike’s Place, in Tel Aviv. Israeli police ID the bomber as Asif Hanif, 21, from the London suburb of Hounslow. They said Omar Khan Sharif, 27 (shown above), of Derby, England, fled when his bomb failed to detonate, hence a manhunt has ensued.

British authorities indicted on Thursday the brother, sister and wife of Omar Khan Sharif, the would-be homicide bomber involved in last week’s homicide attack on a Tel Aviv cafe, HA’ARETZ reported. Sharif managed to flee when his explosive belt malfunctioned.

The three Derby residents, Zahid Hussain Sharif, 46; Paveen Akthor Sharif, 35; and Tahari Shad Tabassum, 27 were apprehended on charges of failing to disclose information about acts of terrorism. Paveen Akthor Sharif – Omar’s sister – was also charged with aiding, abetting, counseling, and procuring acts of terrorism overseas.

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces raided the Bethlehem office of the International Solidarity Movement, the organization whose members had met with the two British terrorists behind the attack on the Tel Aviv cafe. Seizing documents, computers and other equipment, the IDF also took two foreign nationals working for the group into custody.

Members of the International Solidarity Movement have been involved in confrontations with Israeli soldiers and actively assist Palestinians seeking to sneak through or around security checkpoints. In one case, International Solidarity Movement activists had been sheltering a known and wanted terrorist in Jenin; the group has also provided training on how to deceive Israeli customs and border control agents.

Souce: Iraeli Consulate