President Bush’s Valiant Battle Against Terrorism

By Yoram Ettinger

This week portion of the Torah (beginning of Exodus) features Moses and the Burning Bush. IT IS RELEVANT TO PRESIDENT BUSH’S VALIANT BATTLE AGAINST ISLAMIC TERRORISM. I recall that President George W. Bush was greeted, at his Austin United Methodist Church, upon winning the Nov. 2000 election, by his friend, Pastor Michael Craig. Pastor Craig employed the metaphor of Moses: We’ve just crossed the Sea; we’re following you to The Mountain, and together we shall reach The Promised Land.

2. Jewish sages have taught us that the Burning Bush, which was not consumed by fire, stands for leaders, who are committed to a mission (e.g. combating terrorism!), and would not be deterred (consumed) by any odds. The spirit of the Burning Bush Which Was Not Consumed reflects TENACITY, which is based on VALUES, thus enabling true leaders to pursue their commitment regardless of the military, ideological and political adversity.

It has been the commitment to positive values, which has bolstered such leaders! The noise of the dry branches of the Burning Bush stands for the on-going struggle between the Positive Values of the Burning Bush and the Fire of negative values – NO FREE LUNCH IN THE BATTLE FOR A FREE, SECURE and MORAL SOCIETY.

Moreover, approaching the Burning Bush, Moses was commanded to take off his shoes. Walking barefooted on a holy soil reinforced the connection between MOSES and the SOIL, and Moses’ sensitivity to the soil. The Hebrew word for soil is Adamah, which consists of three words: Adam (human-being), Dam (blood, which stands for soul in Jewish tradition), and H’ (GOD) three of the most fundamental elements in human life. Walking barefooted at that site represented Moses’ COMPASSION and SENSITIVITY to human needs – a prerequisite for a just leadership. Being barefooted is a demonstration of HUMILITY, which – according to the Moses/Jewish tradition – has been The essential quality of true leaders! President George W. Bush has certainly introduced humility into the White House, following in the footsteps of Moses who was described by the Torah to be The Humblest of all human-beings!

Shabbat Shalom, and may President George W. Bush sustain his leadership of the Free World in the JUST battle against Islamic – not just Taliban – terrorism.