The world of video games and technology has made some breakthrough achievements in the past few years. With movie-like graphics and the stinging speed of new generation consoles, we can now experience greater gaming dimensions. Even though we’ve come a long way from characters comprised of a few pixels that managed to squeak out some beeps and blurps for sound effects, gamers are still missing out! “Why?”

As the sound experts at Altec Lansing so aptly put it, “ TV audio sucks!” And man did they ever get it right! The sound experience void in gaming is so vast, that most people wouldn’t even realize it, because, let’s face it, what do most gamers have to work with? Practically nothing—well maybe there’s a slight capacity due to attempts by accessory giants. But until now, no one has come close to filling the void and making sound an enjoyable gaming experience.

Altec Lansing’s Tech Marketing Manager, David Cuddeback, and team let the lucky few at E3 sample the New "XA" line.

Now with knock out brilliance, Altec Lansing, one of the entertainment industry’s most preferred speakers makers, delivers the definitive standard in sound for the ultimate gaming experience. They will take you through the gaming sound threshold and will deliver what the software developers want you to really hear. With Altec Lansing’s line of sound systems made especially for gamers, you will discover the secrets of ambient sounds for the very first time and will be blown away by sound effects that were painstaking programmed into today’s top titles.

And at E3, Altec Lansing arrived–premiering the "XA" line of sound systems…

Ok, Altec Lansing may be new to you, but it sure is important to the guys who are making the music you jam to while playing your games. It’s time to take off the headphones and listen up to what people around the office have said besides, “what’s that little rocket doing in here?” First off, it’s not a rocket, so don’t get any ideas. Second, it’s a subwoofer, but it’s ready for take off!

First look at the outside box, you know there’s something cool inside. And after you take everything out, you will sigh a breath of relief that you won’t have to run back to the store you just came from to buy extra cables—they are all included.

Hook up is SO easy you don’t even have to read (like when have you ever read a manual?), just look at your install card that basically says ‘match colors’ and ‘plug it in’. If you decided to spend the equivalent of buying the newest game and couple of music CDs, then you treated yourself to the kickin’ 3 piece XA3021, which includes your very own rocket and two little satellites. If you just had enough to get the newest game out there, then you bought yourself a little black rocket (XA3001), so get ready to feel the ground rumble!

Ok, you’re set to go with your 3 piece portable system – you are in control. The subwoofer basically sits anywhere on the floor and the satellites can go almost anywhere because they’ve got these cool rotating mounts already attached. So, whether you want to sit them on a T.V. table, hang them from the ceiling, or knock a couple nails into the wall, you can easily move them anywhere.

After You’re Set Up, Let’s Go…!

Look up the word “awesome” in a thesaurus and read every match. We aren’t kidding… After hearing and feeling less than a minute of the system performing, you realize that you’ve been missing half the action! Fighting games like "Capcom VS SNK" explode around the screen, and when your character hits the floor, boy the subwoofer is going to make you feel it too!

Once you start a game and hear a few minutes of the cranked up sound, you’ll want to try out your whole game collection. You end up uncovering an entirely new part of each game you try. For fun, try out "Sonic Adventure": Fast forward to Sonic’s seemingly quiet Snow Cap level. Turn on your new XA031 system, and you’ll hear the wind coming down the walls of the icy valley and then whip around you. Now, hold on tight, because you’re about to feel the thunder of the chasing avalanche!

All the aspects of game sound is brought to light. Dialogue is clearer, and you get a chance to hear the lightest sounds around you. The high ends from the satellites are crisp and don’t distort, yet they can produce a clean midrange and bass. Games like "Shenmue" feel more cinematic; the chatter of the surrounding townspeople and the accompanying soundtrack virtually transport you to another time and another place.

The 3 piece system is a perfect match for the overwhelming majority of stereo games, but more games are coming along that will be featuring 5.1 surround sound like DVD movies currently have. For that, Altec Lansing will be premiering the 6-piece XA3051 for a mere $199 this summer. It’s something to look forward to, but for now, definitely make your friends jealous and get the new XA3021. While you’re at it, you might want to pick up some Altec Lansing headphones, ‘cuz if the action gets too intense for the other people on your block, you won’t miss a beat when you plug ‘em into the included remote!

Though console systems change all the time, this is one piece of hardware that won’t find itself stuck in a closet or collecting dust under the bed. To get more info on Altec Lansing’s awesome new gaming sound systems check them out HERE!


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