Afghan Villagers Receive Winter Supplies

By James Bolinger

A smiling Afghan girl carries a box of shoes delivered by the International Security Assistance Force’s Bagram Provincial Reconstruction Team, during a humanitarian aid drop in the Nijrab district of Afghanistan’s Kapisa province. The PRT delivered coats and shoes to the village of Shoki.

Photo by James Bolinger

The Bagram Provincial Reconstruction Kapisa Team delivered winter coats and shoes to a village in the Nijrab district of Afghanistan’s Kapisa province.

“Humanitarian assistance drops spread goodwill and provide basic needs, like clothing, to places where people can’t provide for themselves,” said Air Force Capt. Erick Saks, Bagram PRT representative.

Bagram PRT works with government officials to decide where people need humanitarian assistance. The PRT, with the help of Shoki’s village elders, handed out winter clothing and shoes for adults and children, which were donated from charities in the United States and purchased with civil affairs funds.

“In the 10 months we’ve have been in country, we have never given humanitarian supplies to this village,” said Saks. “We have often driven by, but we haven’t had the opportunity to stop. Every time we pass, all of these kids run out to the road, many without shoes or coats. I’m really glad we finally had a chance to meet with the elders and help these people.”

After delivering the coats and shoes, Bagram PRT members drove to Morales-Frazier Forward Operating Base to pick up several large tents, which will be delivered to a school in northern Kapisa. While speaking to Afghans in northern Kapisa last week, PRT officials discovered a school that didn’t have any buildings, Saks said. They were holding school in a snow-covered field.

“These tents will help protect these children from the elements, since we can’t currently build a school there,” he said.