5 Militants Killed in Ingushetia

KHANKALA (RIA Novosti) – Five militants were killed in a special operation in Ingushetia (republic in the North Caucasus bordering on Chechnya), a spokesman for the regional operational staff to control the counter terrorist operation in the North Caucasus told RIA Novosti.

"During a targeted special operation conducted by interior troops special purpose units, FSB and interior ministry officers, five militants were killed in Stary Malgobek (Ingushetia)." It has been established that the bandits were directly subordinate to Isa Tarshkhoyev and were part of the so-called Argun jaamat. Ibrahim Satayev, Magomed and Artur Vakhidovs were among those killed. Information on the others is being specified.

Three Kalashnikov assault rifles, one of them of foreign make, four Makarov handguns, three makeshift explosive devices, five F-1 grenades, a large number of rounds and a 3-liter canister with metal balls were found at the scene.

The staff spokesman said the bandits produced explosive devices, silencers; and recruited young people.

By available information, Tarshkhoyev’s gang was directly subordinate to Shamil Basayev and involved with the blowing up of a car in Magas (Ingushetia) in fall 2003, as well as with numerous terrorist acts on Chechen territory.