Donald Sutherland. Photo ©NYJT

Alexis Dziena. Photo ©NYJT

Kate Hudson. Photo ©NYJT

Stars of "Fool’s Gold" Glitter in Hollywood

Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey, and mother Kay McConaughey at the "Fool’s Gold" World Premiere in Hollywood, California. Photo ©NYJT

Billowing winds and icy temperatures at Hollywood’s famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre couldn’t stop the stars of Warner Bros. new comedy adventure film "Fool’s Gold" from gracing the red carpet and greeting eager fans at the film’s world premiere.

Matthew McConaughey, who plays a charismatic modern-day treasure hunter obsessed with finding a lost 18th century Spanish treasure in the new flick, made the premiere for his newest film a family affair, delighting fans and photographers alike by arriving with his expectant girlfriend, stunning Brazilian model Camila Alves, and his elegant 77-year-old mother, Kay.

Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Camila Alves. Photo ©NYJT
With hugs and kisses, Alves and the joyful grandmother-to-be posed for pictures and nestled up against Matthew who laughed and remarked about the chilly weather. As Kay McConaughey went to leave the red carpet to go into the Chinese Theatre ahead of the couple, she turned to her son’s girlfriend and was overheard saying, “love you”.

Moments later, in a true show of chivalry, McConaughey turned down photographers’ requests for more photos with Camila and instead helped his lovely lady put on her coat and ensured that she got out of the cold and into the warm theater. Soon, the macho man reemerged and darted across busy Hollywood Boulevard to greet hundreds of cheering fans.

Matthew McConaughey laughs as he receives a package of green M&Ms from a reporter. Photo ©NYJT
After delighting fans with handshakes and autographs, he was back in action posing for photos and giving interviews to domestic and international press and was presented with green M&Ms by one reporter who remarked to the star that they were the “new thing” for Valentine’s Day. McConaughey questioned why green was apparently chosen as the Valentine’s color but took the candies anyway and good-naturedly commented that, ‘any chocolate is good’. When asked what his plans were for Valentine’s Day, the actor said that he had no certain plans yet.

Adding sparkle to the event was beauty Alexis Dziena who plays a wealthy young celebutante in “Gold” and seemed only slightly bothered by the whipping wind as she stayed perfectly poised for photos in her glimmering dress. Playing the role of “Gemma” in the film, she is sure to spice up the screen.

"Fool’s Gold" Director Andy Tennant and wife Sharon. Photo ©NYJT
Following Dziena’s class-act was cute teen star Ashley Edner and a flurry of other celebrities. Simple yet stylish at the premiere was the debonair Donald Sutherland who plays "Nigel Honeycutt", a billionaire who gets mixed up in McConaughey’s quest for treasure in the film.

“Fool’s Gold” director Andy Tennant (“Ever After” and “Hitch”) was the jolliest of the bunch having a wonderful time with his wife, Sharon, who seemed a lot like Marilyn Monroe on the red carpet. Mrs. Tennant’s yellow dress was all a flutter under the wind, refusing to stay put. Trying as hard as they could, the laughing couple managed to tame the dress but only as the wind would allow.

Walking the red carpet last but not least was a radiant Kate Hudson who plays McConaughey’s estranged, but still attracted wife in the movie. Kate came prepared for the chilly wind, wearing a warm but stylish, black coat which covered what appeared to be a beautiful blue dress that had its own wardrobe incident due to the blustery wind. The ruffled and uncooperative collar was easily managed by the gleeful star with the help of her coat. 

Kate Hudson. Photo ©NYJT

When asked to take off her coat so the press could see her dress, she sweetly laughed clutching her jacket and remarked to others, “Ooh, it’s so cold!” Charming all the members of the press, Hudson managed to keep a smile, laughing off the boreal weather and joyfully moving down the red carpet, posing for photos, and enjoying every second of it. Hudson is a perfect fit for a romantic-adventure comedy like “Fool’s Gold”. Her joyful and cheery disposition showed through every smile and every interview she gave.

"Fool’s Gold" was shot in the stunning locations of the Bahamas and Queensland, Australia. It features an all-star cast and aims to please the audience with a combo of comedy, romance, action, and adventure that, like its stars, should leave everyone smiling at the theatre. "Fool’s Gold" will be in theatres everywhere Friday, February 8, 2008.