1000 Children Create a Human
Israeli Flag…in South Africa

World Bnei Akiva and Jewish Agency Shlichim (emissaries) around the globe have been preparing for Israel’s 60th Independence Day for months.

In the South African branch of World Bnei Akiva, the emissaries decided to implement all the Israel education that the children have received throughout the year and create a huge Israeli flag.

The “Human Israeli Flag” as they named it, was created by 1000 children and youth that were directed by Shay Kremer. Kremer: “I was immensely moved by the sight of 1000 Bnei Akiva participants in South Africa singing Hatikva while standing in the shape of the Israeli flag.”

Kremer continues: “Throughout the year we always struggle to get as much Zionist education in to the classrooms – and now when I see all the children in blue in white – I realize it was all worth it!.

The ‘Human Israeli Flag’ in South Africa was created with full cooperation of the Jewish Agency for Israel.